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ITO Transparent Film

ITO(Indium Tin Oxide) is a ternary composition of indium,tin and oxygen in varying proportions.

ITO is one of the most widely used transparent conductive oxides because of its electrical conductivity and optical transparency.
It can be easily deposited as a thin film and is chemically resistant to moisture.

ITO film is a widely used transparent electrode material, which is widely used in photoelectric industries such as flat panel display and touch panel.

ITO film has certain conductivity, so it can also be used to make antistatic coatings.


Product features: 
*Using R2R Sputtering manufacturing technique,we developed Resistive ITO FILM and Capacitive ITO FILM.
*Topnano's ITO Film use optical grade PET substrate with various hard coating treatments (AG HC/Clear HC).
*PET Substrate's thickness comes in 125um and 188um. Substrate can vary by customer or market demand.
*Customers can also purchase their own substrates (PET/PC/TAC Film, etc.) and provide them to Topnano for sputtering ITO. 
*Capacitive ITO Film is 125um PET with Anti-Blocking Hard Coat and Index-Matching Hard Coat treatments.
*Resistive ITO film is 188um PET with Anti-Glare Hard Coat/Clear Hard Coat treatments.
*Our ITO Transparent Film has great thermal stability:low warpage,high dimensional stability,and low resistance/optical variation.
*All the ITO Film with RoHS & Reach compliant.
*We can offer crystallized ITO Film and uncrystallized types of ITO Film.

We uses the annealing treatment equipment inside the factory to carry out ITO crystallization.

The annealing treatment can reduce the resistivity. The reason is that the elimination of fine grains makes the grain boundaries less and makes the ITO metal layer denser.

In addition, the annealing treatment can eliminate the defects in the crystal grains and release the stored energy. Once the energy is released through annealing, the texture of the ITO film will exist as a more stable crystal plane.

capacitive ito film structure

Capacitive ITO Film Application (Final products):
-Touch panel module
-Electronic Shelf Label
-Antistatic film
-Electro Luminescent

-Heating film
-Anti Peeping Film (Privacy protection film) for Computer/Mobile Phone/Laptop & Notebook PC