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Mica Heater

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Voltage: 1 to 240V (AC or DC)
  • Temperature: room temperature -800°C
  • The thinnest 0.1mm as well as various sizes and shapes of units are available
  • Maximum load is 7,500 volts: thin, flexible, lightweight and soft
  • Over 2,000 standard sizes
  • Flexible heater, which is laminated between insulating layers such as Kapton, Nomex, silicone rubber or polyester, is a kind of thin, flexible foil heating element
  • Its least radial curvature is approximately 1mm
  • Following applications:
    • Instruments temperature control: gyro-accelerating detector, tail-wing operating device, aero-photographic apparatus
    • Electric appliance: electric cooker, refrigerator defrosting, accumulator, electric blanket, greenhouse, wardrobe, coffee pot, crystal-electric cooker, bathroom-mirror defogging, invariable temperature tank, electronic-thermos, compressor, heater, thermos boxer plate, computer humidity-proofing, textiles and cloth dyer, foot warmer, water bed heater
    • Medical instruments: disinfection, keeping blood, injections and drips
    • Test and research: crystal ovens, mechanically-heated structures, IC testers and flasks
    • Agriculture and animal husbandry: seedling breeder, raising chicken and pigs, breeding fish, incubators, electric blankets for stock and poultry
    • Transportation: car mirror and signal defogging, water tank heating
    • Others: electronic copier, food fermentation, food warming box, circuit heating, water bed heating system and more
  • Patented for Taiwan, America, Japan, Germany, China