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Transparent Film Heating Element for display screen

Voltage: AC/DC 1-1000V
Wattage: available for more than 0.1w
The maximum temperature: 120 ℃



  • The visible transparency is up to 85%, higher than that of traditional glass.
  • No harmful effects from glare. When attached to a screen, the transparent film heating element [maintains] a good image quality.
  • Lightweight and ultra thin. Heats up quickly and evenly, can reach the temperature (50℃) as set, and withstand a temperature up to 120℃.
  • It can be self adhesive, is space-saving, and is easy and convenient to operate.
  • Any dimension, specification or shape can be developed and customized as per the requirements of customers.
  • Voltage can be set from 1.5V to 380V for design and production.


Can be used to defog automobile glass, optical lenses, LCD displays, cameras, glasses, gauges, indoor or outdoor instrumentation, etc. Can also be used in a wide variety of ways.  Any inquiry is welcome.

For new product development, the Heatact Super Conductive Heating team continually raises the bar of technological progress, and synchronizes this with customer expectations.  We have the most complete range of tools for producing heaters, and heating elements in the country.

The film heating element is very fast and safe for the heating curve on the surface of the entire heating object of a product with the construction of an ultra thin film heating element. It won’t affect any sight line with the high-performance or common double sided adhesive backing stuck onto both sides. The penetrability is above 70%~80%.

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